How I Work: At the core of how I work are a couple key ideas: 1) Take care of you by getting to know you and why your goals are important to you. By building a deeper understanding, I can advocate for you and anticipate your needs, not only what you want but also how you want to get there and how you feel going through the process. Buying & selling real estate is not only a complex process, it’s a stressful one! I see my job as fiercely guarding your interests and offering a steady voice of counsel to empower you to make the decisions that will ultimately serve you best. I filter out as much drama, stress, and extraneous information as possible so you can focus on what is truly important. 2) I hold an incredibly high standard for myself and I am constantly looking for ways to exceed expectations and improve on what I already do. I operate with a growth-mindset and I am always posing the question “is there a better way to do this?”. Who I Am: I am a cheerful, passionate and solution-oriented person. I am always looking for the silver lining. Besides my job and my loved ones, I am most passionate about personal growth. I like to consider myself an “Olympian at life” and I strive every single day to do the things that will help me live the life I want to the fullest. I spend much of my free time trying to learn new ideas & philosophies by reading books (The Slight Edge is one of my favorites) or picking up new skills through research online. I’m also happy to just simply enjoy the things I’m lucky enough to have like a loving family, the sweetest dog ever, and living in such a wonderful, beautiful place! I believe in being kind, grateful, and enthusiastic in everything I do and hope the ripples of my attitude extend out into the world to make a positive impact. About Mike – My Business Philosophy: When serving clients, I am “all-in”. I also require my teammates and vendors be all-in for you. Our simple goal is to have your total trust to get the job done in the best way possible…as you would do for yourself if you could. It’s how we can earn your most enthusiastic referrals. I promise our approach will be carefully tailored to fit your unique story, situation, goals, wants & needs. My value to you lies in my years of experience, knowledge of homes, willingness to put in the thought & hard work, and ability to come up with solutions when the inevitable challenges arise. Keeping the “all-in” mindset for you in those moments means A) the deal gets done, and B) we end up friends. It’s about helping you create your success…and enjoying our journey together! My Background: For me, the best things in life are quiet times shared with family and friends, both old and new. A small celebration, cooking a great meal together. A good dog for sure! When I find time, just a few hours on a motorcycle ride lets me breathe and recharge. When we can, we travel with friends, take hikes and camp, and go flycasting for trout or steelhead on our amazing Oregon streams. It’s natural to me that I might have a spirit of adventure and a fondness for the outdoors… my mom’s side of the family were pioneers who came west in the 1840s! With my Dad being the first of five real estate agents in our family, I’ve steeped in the lingo and lifestyle of real estate since childhood. After studying both science and art at UC Davis, my real estate journey began as a loan officer (“Rookie of the Year”) and later founding and operating Sterling Mortgage in Lake Oswego, “one of the good guys”. That meant working out thousands of ways to put deals together, and building relationships with hundreds of local Realtors®. In 2013, and in true Portland fashion, I “up-cycled” my talents becoming a broker and Realtor®. I earned “Rookie of the Year” all over again. Since then, I’ve become a principal broker and today I lead a team guiding buyers and sellers during the most important and complex transaction they’re ever likely to undertake. Seeing each individual client reach their goals is an amazing privilege!

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