2023 Highlights

In 2023 we shared best practices, cultivated relationships, made our community better by giving back, and expanded our network with 94 new brokers joining us! Here’s a quick look back at the year.

Propel Promo

Introducing Propel! Your new digital workspace replacing our current intranet site on RELI. Propel is designed to help you work Faster, Better and Simpler by putting everything at your fingertips. Quick links on every space provide quick navigation to the most requested and used links. […]

Fall Highlights

Here’s a look back at all the fun had in Fall 2023! From Harvest Parties in Portland and Central Oregon to numerous events like Boones Scary, First Thursday, the Pearl Block Party, Vancouver Thanksgiving Potluck, Ninja Selling, and more, there was a lot to celebrate, […]

CHSIR Broker Holds 6th Annual Food Drive

In effort to make a difference in her community, CHSIR Broker Elizabeth Davidson started an annual food drive six years ago. Now every November, she collects donations from family, friends, and clients to deliver to the Tualatin Food Pantry. The first year they collected 840 […]

Depoe Hills Development

Inspired by the incredible beauty of the Oregon Coast, every building, nature path, and park at Depoe Hills was thoughtfully crafted with a focus on community and coastal living. Additionally, we strive to ensure environmentally-sound philosophies and practices are integrated into nearly every aspect of […]

The Stunning Beauty of the Columbia River Gorge

The Columbia River Gorge is known for its stunning beauty and endless outdoor activities. Just about an hour outside of Portland, Hood River is considered the wind surfing capital of the world. There’s also no shortage of amazing breweries, wineries, restaurants, food trucks, art galleries, […]

Helping Children to Learn to Read Better

After watching her daughter struggle to learn to read, broker Ellie Anderson co-founded Elevate Reading Center and a nonprofit called Anna’s Spark, to fund scholarships for kids to go through the program. Ellie learned not being able to read is a surprisingly big problem in […]

Bend’s Northwest Crossing with Broker Ryan McGlone

Northwest Crossing is one of the most desirable communities in Bend. Every Saturday during the summer, hundreds flock to the farmer’s market there in search of everything from artwork to locally grown produce. Principal Broker Ryan McGlone’s love of mountain biking is what initially attracted […]

Fun in Sunriver & Caldera Springs

Sunriver and Caldera Springs will leave you in awe of the beauty that surrounds you! This resort community offers a serene escape just 20 minutes from Bend. From hiking to horseback riding to water sports, the list of outdoor activities here is basically endless. Biking […]

Rogue River Living

There are many reasons to visit Southern Oregon, but the Rogue River is a definite highlight. Brokers Samuel A. Greenspan, Anton Faerber, and Mike Lee said the endless outdoor water recreation is a huge draw for people. However, if you prefer a peaceful retreat the […]