I love the wonderland that is the Pacific Northwest. That I can go fishing within an hour of any direction I head. That my wife and I can take our two kids camping in the mountains to exploring the coast in a single weekend. That people look you in the eye here and say hello. That they’ll tell you where the best dog parks are or where to find the sweetest happy hour. I love that I’ve found a career where I get to help people find the neighborhoods where they’re going to put down roots and discover this all for themselves. Before real estate, I made a living building up small businesses in and around Portland, Oregon. Most recently, as the Director of Sales at Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. I was honored to share with clients my pride that we handcrafted our products right here in Portland. Our commitment in designing and building heirloom quality lighting was directly related to the DIY ethos of our city. This is a place where people take life into their own hands and build their dreams. Earlier on in my career, I earned a chapter in the book, Caffeinated PDX titled Matt Brown: Portland’s Let’s Get It Done Guy. There, author Will Hutchens documented my journey from running some of the hottest coffeehouses in Portland to leading and driving sales at local coffee roasters: Coava and Stumptown My success came from my genuine heart for connecting people and my passion to help their businesses not only become more profitable, but also to move towards the goals that caused them to become entrepreneurs in the first place. I still do this today, but instead of building up businesses, I get to build up the lives of the people behind them.

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